Frank Croll 1909 – 1987 Memorial Cup

Since 2015, the Frank Croll Memorial Cup has been awarded at the HBKA Spring Show and AGM for the best tasting honey, as voted by the attendees. The past winners of the cup are as follows.

1988Anne Wingate
1989Anne Wingate
1990Geoff Wilcox
1991George Velik
1992Anne Wingate
1993Roy Cropley
1994D. Cutmore
1995P. E. Smerdon
1996John Mumford
1997Oonagh Gabriel
1998John Mumford
1999John Mumford
2000John Mumford
2001B. Fairey
2002Alan Lewis
2003John Mumford
2004Ken Taylor
2015Anne Harvey / Chris Mercer
2016Eric Margrave
2017Chris Mercer
2018Sue Davies
2019Anne Harvey
2022Anne Harvey
2023Paul Gallimore