News Instructions

If you want to submit an article to be posted on the Herts Bees news page:

  1. Please send your article as plain text in the body of an email message.  Many people like to show their document layout skills by sending beautifully presented documents with embedded pictures etc., but these cause a huge amount of extra work.  So email attachments that are in Word, PDF, WKS or any one of many other document formats will not be accepted.
  2. If pictures are to be included in the article then please attach JPEG files reduced in size to a maximum of 400 pixels along the longest edge.  Pictures may be further reduced in size to fit.  Anything larger than 400 pixels may not be included in your article on the news page.
  3. Headings in the news item should be in CAPS so that they can be distinguished from the body of the text. Bulleted lists should simply start each line with an asterisk (*). Placeholders in the text for pictures should be marked as “[PIC 1 – caption]”.

Contributions should be emailed to with the words “HBKA NEWS ITEM” and your association name in the subject line.  Without this your email may be missed.

There is no monthly deadline for contributions; articles will be put on the site within a few days of receipt.