BIBBA “Bee Improvement for All” day

by Roger Patterson of BIBBA (the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association).

The main thrust of the day is the development and ongoing maintaining of good tempered, healthy, and productive bee colonies; an ideal and aim of everyone!

  • and there’ll be much more on the day.

As the name suggests it is a day for all; a very useful scene setting for the newer Beekeeper to help visualise and plan their future beekeeping; and an invaluable and informative day for the more experienced beekeeper.

The day is nicely timed for when you’re trying to get over the seasonal festivities and wanting to get back to normal and starting to think about the new season!


 This course was run in January 2016, and was very well attended and received.

A check will be made to determine the level of interest in repeating the day.