New Season Preparation

2020 New Season Preparation

A three evening course for those who’ve completed a year’s practical beekeeping experience, and those wishing to use the course as a refresher.

Typically, beekeepers start out with a small young colony, and now wish to prepare for managing a more mature and demanding hive and colony in their second year onwards.  The course includes:

  • Review and discussion of your past season
  • Equipment Checkpoint
  • New Season Hive Inspections – first, spring, summer, autumn
  • Pest and Disease Awareness
  • Swarm prevention – Pagden method
  • Swarm Collecting Overview
  • Uniting Colonies
  • Foraging and honey creation
  • Extracting Foraged Honey
  • Outline of other produce from the hive
  • Autumn treating and feeding process
  • Preparing the hive for winter


Letchworth Garden City

  • Across 3 Sunday Afternoons, one will be at an apiary for the practical exercises, dates to be confirmed
  • Please email

Welwyn Garden City 

ChristChurch Peartree Halls, Welwyn Garden City

  • Across 3 Wednesday evenings 26th February, and 4th and 11th March 2020
    • 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm
  • Attendance Fee £15 (towards cost of hall)
  • please email