Modules Study Training

There are 7 study modules:

  1. Honey Bee Management
  2. Honey Bee Products and Forage
  3. Honey Bee Pest, Diseases, and Poisoning
  4. Honey Bee Biology
  5. Honey Bee Behaviour
  6. Selection and Breeding of Honey Bees
  7. Honey Bee Management, Health, and History

Many prefer to privately study each or a specific module, but others prefer to form a group and meet to share the study work between them.

The main problem for study groups is finding a number of other members who wish to study the same module at that time.

Any member or any local association wishing to set up a study group is able to use this web site to promote a study group for a specific module and invite members from their own or other associations.

Anyone wishing to use this webpage to promote heir study group should email

For the 2018 BBKA exam application form please click this link